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Teambuilding: London Firefighter for a day

Teambuilding – when your life depends upon it

Imagine your life depends on the person sitting next to you. That’s the reality for firefighters every day. Communication, trust – these have to be present from day 1 within a fire station watch. How do we create that? And how can your organisation benefit from our experience?

Building skills  – on our teambuilding day you will:

  • Improve communication and co-operation
  • Reveal hidden strengths and capabilities
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Identify leadership potential

What will we do?

  • Roll call
  • Using and safe handling of fire hoses
  • Use of firefighting ladders
  • Rescuing a ‘casualty’ from a building
  • Wearing breathing apparatus (BA)
  • Search and rescue while wearing BA

The team building day is physically and mentally challenging. Delegates with health issues or disabilities are welcome – please advise us of your group’s needs during the booking process so we can adapt the day to suit you.

All delegates will be asked to complete health information forms, which form part of our pre-event risk assessment. All delegates will be required to wear the Personal Protective Equipment provided on the day, which is similar to that worn by firefighters (fire coat and leggings, boots, gloves, helmet).

We accept a maximum of 12 delegates per day, as the events are hosted on working fire stations in London.

Please email for availability and booking information.